Seven days in january

Seven Days in January invites listeners behind the curtain of power, offering a front-row seat to the shadowy deals and whispered arrangements at the heart of President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Deals of global consequence brokered by some of the world’s most powerful that have remained largely unreported and unheard -- until now.

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Mark Burnett and Donald Trump inside the MGM film strip that typically encircles a roaring lion. Inscribed in the film are the words "Outwit", "Outplay", "Outlast". On both sides of the image are logos: Amazon Studios on the left and Tiny Horse on the right. The background is red white and gold curtains.

Trump Inauguration Reality Series: TOO HOT for TV

Associates of Mark Burnett and Elizabeth Koch feverishly worked all sides of a deal for Amazon Studios to produce a reality series about Donald J. Trump’s 2017 inauguration — one that evaporated as quickly as it appeared, leaving ominous questions to linger around F.T.C. oversight of Amazon’s $8.5 billion MGM Studios acquisition and their knowledge of 20 hours of unaired footage reported for the first time.

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