The Shadow World, Explained

A Game of Thrones in the Arabian Peninsula

Over the past decade, Gulf State sovereign wealth funds reshaped the world with the help of powerful Western leaders who lined their pockets while turning a blind eye to their benefactors’ unjust and brutal methods of usurping power.

Nuclear Bromance: Tom Barrack and the Head of Saudi Intelligence

Facing charges of acting as an undisclosed agent of the United Arab Emirates while advising his longtime friend and then-President Donald Trump, Tom Barrack's deep ties to the former head of Saudi intelligence and oil profiteering have remained in the shadows until now.

Queuing Up For Tom Barrack's “Long Lines” 

Connect the dots between Trump confidant and indicted billionaire Tom Barrack, Paul Manafort, and foreign influence with our analysis of Barrack's “long line” relationships.

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