Barrack Trial Reveals Trump Campaign Involvement in Gulf Influence Scheme

Emails show top Trump adviser Thomas J. Barrack Jr. planned to meet with UAE officials alongside 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort, ultimately unable to attend because of his last-minute meeting in New York with a Russian intelligence operative.

Mark Burnett and Donald Trump inside the MGM film strip that typically encircles a roaring lion. Inscribed in the film are the words "Outwit", "Outplay", "Outlast". On both sides of the image are logos: Amazon Studios on the left and Tiny Horse on the right. The background is red white and gold curtains.

Trump Inauguration Reality Series: TOO HOT for TV

Longtime associates of Mark Burnett worked all sides of a last-minute deal with Amazon Studios for a 2017 reality TV series about Trump’s inauguration that evaporated as quickly as it appeared, with ominous questions now swirling around the FTC’s review of Amazon’s $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM Studios — and the existence of nearly 20 hours of unaired footage reported here for the first time exclusively by THE KNOWS.

John McAfee and his girlfriend french kiss on a boat


Rocco Castoro’s mythical 21-page report on John McAfee from 2012. Set to be published in the Jan. 2013 print issue of Vice magazine, it was caught and killed days before its scheduled publication. The reasons why remain unclear.

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